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Let the best exterminator Peoria IL check on your area for possible pest infestations. At Pest Control Peoria IL, we offer various services such as rat control Peoria IL, rodent control, termite control, and more. Avail our affordable services today. Call us or fill out our contact form for quick response.

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Pest Control Peoria IL

Welcome to the best pest control Peoria IL!

In the past decades of serving as exterminator Peoria Ilz, we are grateful to our clients and business partners who trusted us. To return the favour, we are constantly learning and updating ourselves to catch up with the latest innovations in efficient rodent control Peoria Il.

We welcome every single opportunity to show how a great exterminator Peoria IL should be. From termite inspection Peoria IL to relocation of beehives, you can count on our professionals. The key is to call us on our hotline numbers today.

Common Pests Problems

There are Many Different Kinds of Pests We Get Rid Of

About Pest Control Peoria IL

We are a trusted bed bug exterminator Peoria IL that offers full services. We serve households and different corporations and business establishments. We have been doing this job for a few decades. We had humble beginnings and we are proud of it. We love to share our success story to inspire people.

We are also experts in rat removal Peoria IL. We have been applying scientific approaches in rodent control and pest elimination. We serve not only this city, but its surrounding areas. We are confident to accept all kinds of services of any size from different property owners. It is because we are a fully insured and licensed pest control company.

We take pride in our industry-leading tools and equipment used in termite control Peoria IL and other pest infestation issues. We take responsibility for the results of our treatment plans. Thus, we are never worried about giving a warranty for each project.

Furthermore, we are a known Peoria exterminator in terms of using environmentally-friendly treatments and products. We do not only care for your property, but we also value the health of your pets, your family or clients, and nature.

For a risk-free rodent removal Peoria IL, give us a call as soon as you can. You can also contact us using our online contact form.

Why Choose Us?

We know that serving in this industry for many years has an impact on the way people choose their bee exterminator or bed bug exterminator Peoria IL. But, we got more than that and our clients have proven all the following why we deserve their trust:

  • Innovative technology – The application of technology is highly essential in every business that aims to succeed in its chosen niche. That’s why we never stop getting updates in the latest innovation in technology in the world of pest control. This way, we will be able to provide efficient treatment to pest infestation problems.
  • Service Warranty – With our team, you are confident that you will get retreatment services if we were not able to drive away the pests and rodents in your property. We also give a refund if pests still come back after two retreatment sessions.
  • Flexible Service Hours – We know how our clients deal with their personal or business affiliations every day. Thus, we want to schedule our services in their most convenient hours. We also try to serve seven days a week to accommodate your needs.
  • Friendly Customer Care Agents – No task is difficult for us with the presence of our friendly and professional customer care representatives. They are the people who will assist you throughout the process. We are also proud of our skilled exterminators who give their best in each service.

Customer Reviews


Calling and making appointments were so easy with this pest control near me. The sales person in charge does not pressure me on availing ‘package’. They provided the answers to my questions in a professional manner.

Jui Yang


This service I got was for termite Peoria Il. They use products that really work and after every visit show how effective their treatment plans are.

Levi N.

We are so lucky to find this exterminator near me. It took me time checking on suggested pest control companies near me, but it was worth it. Very affordable prices and quality work!

Regan P.



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Pest Control Services

Our services focus on the client’s peace of mind and satisfaction. We do not want you to worry about these pests and rodents as our experienced and highly skilled exterminators will take charge of the job for you. Some of the services we offer are the following:

Pest Control for Your Home

We are experts in pest control for residential properties. We can be a bee exterminator, a termite treatment provider or anything you want us to be.

Our job is to help you and explain all about the pest extermination process. Feel free to ask or give suggestions if you have something that can make the process much better.

Pest Control for Your Business

Let us deliver our customized treatments and solutions to your company. We have been serving both private and public business establishments. We have been in this industry for many years and we have become the locals’ partner in protecting their investments.

We are trusted not only because of our years of experience I pest control, but because of our cost-effective services. Our premium services are all done in an efficient and safe manner. We do not skip processes. We make sure that we follow each step to assure impressive results.

Termite Control

Our customized plans for termite treatment can protect your property from future destruction. Our solutions are applicable for both indoors and outdoors. We know what specific materials and tools to use to prevent termite from coming back. We will every your interior and exterior walls as well as other areas including heating ducts and water pipes.

Bed Bug Control

We are confident that our bed bug treatments are safe and effective. We have served numerous clients in the past years and they are all satisfied with the results after a few visits. We are going to use the best bait on some attractive areas for these bugs. We will assure you that your home is protected without compromising you and your family’s health.

Ant Control

Worry no more when you see ants walking in the corners of your home. Let us take charge of the job. Ant control requires the right tools and products to prevent them from scattering. Forget about your DIY solutions as they can even worsen the situation. Allows us to help you resolve this problem.

Bee/Wasp Control

Seeing bees, hornets or wasps flying around your commercial or residential property can be quite alarming. Sometimes, they build their homes indoors. If this happens, the right thing to do is to contact our professionals. We can eradicate or simply relocate them to make sure that your family or customers will be safe.

Rodent Control

All types of rodents are hazardous to both children and adults. They are transmitters of deadly illnesses and diseases that may be detrimental to everyone living in your space. This is why we deliver a rodent service that guarantees to eradicate rats and mice living in your space. We perform regular re-evaluations if necessary to prevent recurrence of infestations.

Other Services

  • Spider Control
  • Mosquito Control
  • Flea Control
  • Fly Control
  • And many other different pests!

What To Expect?

Our licensed and skilled technicians will conduct the initial inspection. We are the bed bug exterminator that works on keen inspection first before proceeding to the actual treatment process. We will explain everything you need to know. For instance, pest activities after our initial treatment may increase which is a sign that the pests are moving out of your area permanently.

After giving our initial visit, we will proceed with the first regular service. We should wait a month in between these visits. We will add a protective barrier that will secure your property against these pests. There will be exclusion methods that will be added as well.

The next step of the treatment process is the regular service. It is the most crucial step since we will start using our eco-friendly treatments. We actually order green products that effectively eradicate pests and rodents without compromising the ideal exterminator cost.

Furthermore, we conduct a brief orientation to our clients regarding how the entire process works. During our regular visits, we will inspect, conduct exterior treatment, perform granulation, and conduct interior treatment. We do the same processes for both homeowners and business owners not only in Peoria IL, but all its neighbouring cities.


About Peoria IL

Peoria is ranked 8th in the largest cities of Illinois and according to the 2020 census, it has over 108, 000 population. This city offers its locals and tourists a downtown picturesque view of the Illinois Riverfront. This district belongs to the list of the oldest urban places of the state. It is surrounded by a lively environment – live entertainment, amazing restaurants, cultural centers, etc.

Peoria offers a good life for individuals and families who want to live in Illinois. It gives a dense suburban feel. It has above average public schools and it is a home to many parks and bars.

Peoria, Il is located near the following cities

  • Pekin, Illinois
  • East Peoria, Illinois
  • Morton, Illinois
  • Washington, Illinois
  • Canton, Illinois
  • And many other surrounding areas near Peoria County!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you offer termite inspection Peoria IL during off hours?

This is applicable not only for managing termite Peoria IL, but for all kinds of our pest control services. We do offer this service for our corporate clients who cannot detract their company operations during normal business hours.

Aside from Peoria Illinois, which other cities do you service?

We actually service in all nearby cities of Peoria Illinois. We serve all local private and public institutions and households. We offer various rodent removal Peoria IL and other pest exclusion services.

Do you offer cheap bee removal?

Whether it is spraying for spiders, bee removal, termite treatment or bed bug termite, you do not have to worry about the price. We offer affordable yet effective solutions.

Do you accept pest control service during weekends?

We also serve during weekends, but we often schedule this for phone calls, giving free estimates, or inquiries. However, we can discuss the most ideal plan depending on your requests and the condition of your area.

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Choosing a Peoria pest control is generally easy and simple. It only takes a few seconds to get a comprehensive list of the Peoria pest control companies right before your eyes. But when it involves the quality, reliability and price of the Peoria pest control provider, it may take time to find the right one.

If you reside within this area, you will certainly know about our team. We are just one call away. We will explain everything in a clear manner. We will surely give you worry-free rodent control Peoria IL because we know that you deserve one. Call Pest Control Peoria to learn more about our pest control Peoria prices.

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